Nonprofit Professional Training and Workshops

Salang Grant Writing and Nonprofit Solutions provides training and coaching for executive leaders, development staff, and board members. Our learning programs reflect the specific needs of the philanthropic community and draw on our proven methods for success.

Virtual Workshops / One on One Coaching

With decades of experience in the nonprofit sector, Salang Grant Writing and Nonprofit Solutions training and coaching workshops are especially tailored to achieve nonprofit organizational success. We understand the specific needs of the nonprofit community. We understand that financial diversification and organizational stability allow nonprofit organizations to successfully realize their mission.

Think back to when you first got your start in the social good sector. You may have had experience as a donor or a volunteer before, but you had a lot to learn when you became a nonprofit professional. You had to become acquainted with fundraising strategies, marketing initiatives, strategic plans, and all the behind-the-scenes aspects of how organizations run.

As much as you felt you had to learn at the beginning of your nonprofit career, you still have a lot to learn. All nonprofit professionals do!

One of the most effective and efficient ways to continue intentionally learning is by investing time and energy to take nonprofit courses.

As nonprofit professionals with extensive experience, we help individuals and organizations alike implement professional development initiatives. Using our experience, we have developed comprehensive training workshops specially tailored to the nonprofit sector. 

Why should you consider nonprofit courses?

Salang’s Nonprofit Professional Training and Workshops can help you hone your skills in the sector, discover the latest trends, learn about the newest technology, and enhance your abilities as a leader.

Even past the content that you’ll learn in the courses, there are plenty of other advantages that come with incorporating professional development into your organization’s activities. Consider the following:

  • Employee retention. If your nonprofit sponsors professional development opportunities for your staff members, they’ll be more engaged with the organization, which improves retention. The cost of replacing an entry-level employee is about 30%-50% of their salary, a mid-level executive is about 150% of their salary, and a high-level executive costs about 400% of their salary. It’s much more cost-effective to invest in engagement opportunities to boost retention than replace lost team members.
  • Organization ROI. The more you learn through effective nonprofit courses, the better you can adjust your strategies to increase your return on investment and make a greater impact on your mission. For example, consider your communications strategy. During the unprecedented events of 2020, you probably had to change up your approach to account for social distancing guidelines and acknowledge the COVID-19 crisis. But imagine how much easier that process would’ve been with some guidance from a crisis communications course for nonprofits! You would’ve had a much easier time making decisions and reacting quickly to the necessary changes.
  • Personal growth. In addition to the benefits for the organization, nonprofit courses also provide plenty of personal growth opportunities for individuals. You can make yourself more valuable and marketable as a professional when you focus on growing and learning as an individual. Applying your knowledge makes you a more competitive candidate for promotions or new positions. For example, if you’d like to move from a junior fundraising position to a more senior spot, you might learn more about fundraising strategies and make positive changes that you can use to advocate for your own promotion.

While there are many options to consider when it comes to professional development, nonprofit courses are one of the most engaging. An effective course offers multiple types of engaging content opportunities and interactive elements that help keep you focused and continuously learning.

Subject Matter Available

When looking at the potential nonprofit courses that you’re considering, be sure to consider the ideal subject matter that you’d like to learn more about. It’s easy and comfortable to invest in a nonprofit course that covers a subject that you’re already familiar with and take interest in. However, that’s not how you can make the most of your investment.

When analyzing subject matter, consider your own (or your team’s) weaknesses. Any weaknesses or subjects that you’re just not familiar with present great opportunities for improvement and learning. You’ll get much more out of a course covering a brand-new subject than a course taking a deep dive into something that you’re already familiar with. Aim to become a well-rounded nonprofit professional as you look for the best courses to take.

Convenience and Flexibility

When it comes to looking for convenience and flexibility in nonprofit courses, the easiest way to find it is by investing in online courses. Online courses allow learners to access content from wherever they are and whenever it’s convenient. We also offer one-on-one coaching for a personalized approach to your professional development.