Start a Nonprofit Without Funding

Chances are if you are reading this post because you want to start a nonprofit or have recently started a nonprofit. You want to see a change in your community.  When our motivation is to do something good, rarely do we stop to think about the cost. You probably wholeheartedly believe that once you become tax-exempt, everything will fall into place. Funding a nonprofit is a little trickier than this.

There are couple of things that you have probably assumed as you are planning to start your nonprofit: That just because you’re doing a good thing that everyone will support you; That grants, and other sources of income will easily come; and that you should focus more on your programs and less on fundraising. 

Salang Consulting is here to tell you, unfortunately, those statements are false. Every single one. The sooner you understand the blueprint to becoming a financially stable nonprofit and let go of the myths and assumptions about nonprofits, the more successful you will be. 

It takes money to start a nonprofit. There is no way to become a nonprofit without spending money. However, there are ways to fund your nonprofit without self-funding i.e., raiding your personal bank accounts. 

What if I told you Salang Consulting are the nonprofit startup experts, with over 20 years of successful experience in helping fund start up nonprofits?  Our nonprofit experts design a plan to raise money, even if your organization has $0 in the bank? Salang Consulting helps you start your nonprofit without having to self-fund and without tons of money in the bank We offer a comprehensive NONPROFIT STARTUP PACKAGE.


Here are some things you must get straight if you want to be successful. 

This is not about you. You do not own the nonprofit. A nonprofit is a charity organization for good. The sooner you realize that it is not a personal investment, but an investment in a particular cause or to benefit a particular community, then it will shift how you make decisions and whether you want to sacrifice so much of your finances, time, and family life into this endeavor. It is more about creating a legacy and having the ability to let it go. As time goes by, you will begin to realize that it is less about you, and more about your ability to build a community around you to invest in the organization.

Make a plan. You cannot avoid making things like a strategic plan or budget. You have to focus on the infrastructure of the organization, which includes your board of directors and governance, organizational policies, human resources, insurance, branding and communications, and finally – fundraising. Salang Consulting’s comprehensive NONPROFIT STARTUP PACKAGE helps you through each one of these steps.  


First, gather your board and develop a plan to give to the organization monthly. Think of it as dues to your organization. It can be something small like $20/month, or it can be a much larger number. Make sure there is a common understanding that everyone on the board gives or gets. This is called the GIVE/GET. All healthy nonprofits need to follow a Board GIVE/GET model. This will help establish the funding needed to begin your nonprofit. 


Make a list of every person or organization who might support the work you are doing. Who would be interested in helping your organization? Who has a vested interest in seeing your population succeed? Who has a vested interest in your community in general? Start a list and begin reaching out to these people. 


Your next step is to start outreach and telling everyone you can about your organization. There are many methods to tell people about our nonprofit. Salang Consulting can help you organize these methods and create an effective plan for your nonprofit and social network. 


Grants should not be your primary strategy for startup funding, but they can make up a tremendous part of your overall fundraising strategy. Identify funders who typically give to smaller, community-based nonprofits. 

Salang Consulting offers comprehensive, client-centered grant writing services. We have tailored grant writing to support new nonprofits and connect you with funders and grants who give to new nonprofits. Salang Consulting has an 84% grant procurement rate which means BIG money for your new nonprofit. 


In Kind Donations are non-cash donations such as goods, equipment, office space, etc. Do not underestimate the value of non-cash donations. In many instances, it may actually be easier to obtain an item rather than the money to purchase it. Since the offices are often looking for ways to dispose of the equipment, it made more sense to accept the equipment, and not money. This is where having a budget is especially important. Your budget should identify your program needs (which include supplies and goods). Looking at your budget you can determine which items can be potentially donated instead of purchased.

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