Writing a Grant Report Without Guidelines

Grant reports are provided to funders as a means to provide information on activities, monies spent, and accomplishments achieved with grant funding. Foundations funders may not provide guidelines as to what the grant report should include. This may seem like a dream come true. Instead, it can often leave us confused and not knowing what to include in the report. 

When faced with the challenge of writing a grant report without guidelines from the funder, including the following sections is sure to please the funder. 

Grant Activities

Grant activities are the highlights your organization accomplished during the reporting period and should align with the activities in the grant proposal originally submitted and funded.  Include details and statistical data which reflect the highlights the funding allowed your organization to complete.  

Outcomes and Impact

The outcomes and impact section of the grant report state grant activities and include the positive changes made as a result of the funded. As with the grant activities, outcomes and impact should be measured by statistical data and demographics. Statistical data can include the differences made in your community and for your clients. The outcomes and impact section is also a great place to include a story from a client who was positively impacted by the funding provided. Client testimonials are an excellent way to community to the funder the good their funding has made. 


Be honest with the funder.  In the event the organization did not accomplish the objectives and goals proposed to the funder, identify what the challenges were and most importantly, how you intend to resolve these challenges in the next reporting cycle. Remember-The funder what you to achieve success with the funding they provide your organization. 

  • Detail the challenge. 
  • Explain how the challenge impacted the funded program. 
  • Describe in detail how you will overcome these challenges. 
  • Request technical assistance when available and needed. 

Financial Documentation and Reporting 

Transparency with the funder is vital, especially when it comes to how monies were spent. Include budgets, receipts, and other required financial documentation with the report which reflect how your organization spent the grant funding provided. 


Funders love to know sustainability plans of positive programs they have funded. Share information to the funder on how you will sustain the program. This is also a great opportunity to thank the funder again for the funding and inform the funder you would welcome their support again. 

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